UX/UI Design Director

Primary skills used:
Designed and build for:

Wally Charnoff

CEO & Founder, Vozillo LLC

Denver, Colorado

The Challenge

Create a digital car concierge service for banks, lenders, and credit unions, that allows their users to finance, purchase, and schedule delivery of new and used cars all in one platform.

The Solution

The utilization of a clean, simple, and unique, user experience that promotes transparancy and allows its users to purchase a car and have it delivered for the best price available.

Vozillo App

Vozillo is a digital car concierge making the car buying process easy for everyone. The goal was complete transparancy which is lacking in the average car buying process. We accomplished this with clear, user friendly, and accessible UI/UX design. The platform is initially a web application with a native app following soon after launch. As lead UX/UI designer it was my responsibility to lead the conceptualization, look and feel, and ultimately design the prototype that would secure the appropriate funding.

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Words from the client

Dane is one of the best web product designers I’ve worked with in my time as a product owner. I’ve never met someone with such great design-sense while still open to collaboration and iteration. Product design and product management can often clash but with Dane it was never a problem. He was always available to help code, fix things on the fly and always thorough in his designs so it requires minimal guessing from developers. I feel lucky to have worked with him!

Marsha Lowe

Product Owner, Vozillo LLC

Denver, Colorado